The John and Anna Larson Homestead


My Great Grandparents, John and Anna Larson homesteaded in Burnett County, near Ekdall.

Their property is now owned by the State of Wisconsin, as part of Crex Meadows Wildlife Area.


John came from Sweden, Anna was from Norway. They were married in 1900.

Their homestead papers were signed June 8, 1901 by F.M. McKean, Secretary of President William McKinley.


John and Anna, with son Algot, daughter Mayme, and my baby Grandfather Einar, in 1906


What the home looked like, about 1927


John and his horses in 1930


Sometime in the 1930's


Wider views of the farm, sometime in the 1930's


The summer of 1940

The farm was sold in 1941


What the site looks like now, and part of what is left